Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 58

June 21

We played soccer this morning and I attempted to keep my goalie streak going, but I let in a goal. Half of the band had a gig at the war museum this morning and the rest of us got stuck with library duty. Most boring morning ever. I usually don't mind library, but this time I was putting marches back and if a box was not in score order then I had to sort it into score order. The worst one was the Radetzki March. Half of the parts had the instrument cut off or badly smudged. Once I figured out what was what I found a note in the box that said "Please note, there are 2 different arrangements of the Radetzki March". GAH! So when I gathered up all the parts, I had to pick out the ones in Concert Eb first and then the ones in Db. We were allowed to take our own breaks and I took my second one after that box. I went up to my room at 11:20 and when I was going back, ppl were coming up for lunch break! So I hung out with Brian Humphries (aka Humps lol) while we waited for our meal timing. The afternoon started with sizing for tomorrow's picture. It's so funny how the drum major will yell his head off at the guards and then turn around and joke with us! He was yelling at us as a group and the band was snickering at his jokes while the guards seemed too scared to move. He said something like "if you are thinking about making a stupid face or a rude gesture during the unit photo, think again. I know the photographer personally and we will blow your face up poster size, identify your sorry ass and I WILL KILL you! So don't F*%& with me or I will F*%& with you!". Now say that in a scottish accent and a few squeaks in the voice and you got it!...more or less and he did excuse himself for his foul language. Then we went in for a rehearsal followed by out on the parade square for a run through of the HEG Parade tomorrow. That parade will be a lot more standing while playing rather than marching while playing and apparently there will ba a lot of standing and waiting. After running a condensed version of the "show" twice, we were dismissed and I hung out with the guys for the evening. I re-polished my boots while we all hung out watching TV. I'm glad that I'm finding the older crowd and I much prefer them over the 18-20 year olds. "like seriously" lol

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