Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 55

June 18th

Today was just a big joke. We had PT at 6am, but that wasn't enough time to do anything and meet our 6:45 breakfast timing. So we ran out to the soccer field, stretched and ran back to the shacks! There was no inspection and the first hour of the day was everyone's last chance to make sure they had all their kit. Then there was a 9:30 guard mount. We marched around campus to the simulated parliament hill again. This one went much better than yesterday for me because I was not the center marker. Yesterday I could not see anything because the guy in front of me was about a foot taller. Today I was able to play really loud, but my new challenge is to parade over potholes and on uneven grass and still be able to play. I noticed that I really don't care how much I sweat while on parade. We were dismissed for lunch and then I had the whole afternoon off! I got paid to watch a movie in my room in my underwear and to fall asleep while watching soccer in the common room! It's be cool is every week was like this lol. In the evening a bunch of us went out for Korean dinner and bubble tea. I had a dish that was JUST BBQ seafood. There were still all the side dished and the soup and such, but I couldn't believe that they brought me a dish of just meat! It was soooo good :) The Sergeant bought a bottle of wine for the table. It was a small bottle, just enough for everyone to have a shot. It tasted a bit like mild tequila that you could just drink. I'm pretty sure that one bottle could get a couple pretty tipsy though!

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