Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 45

June 8th

Well I finally did it. Today was the first day that I overslept! It was only for like 20 mins because one of the guys in my section came and knocked at our door and woke us up. See I actually like PT so it's not like I was trying to sleep through it. I don't know why I have been needing so much sleep lately. Oh well, PT was fun. We had to run up a hill while our partner held some sort of position and waited for us to finish. By the 4th time we had to run up the hill it wasn't fun anymore lol. This morning we had another ceremony due to a fallen soldier. After that we had the usual rehearsal and drill time. I found that I was able to play more today! We usually get about an hour for lunch, so I took the opportunity to do my laundry during that time. What a great idea! By the time lunch was almost over I just ahd to put it in the dryer and then pick it up after an afternoon of rehearsal! After our usual March rehearsal we did a Concert band rehearsal. This was the first time we played things like "First Suite in Eb" and "English Folk Song Suit". I had a super productive evening. Got ready for tomorrows room inspection, polished boots, ironed shirts, practiced scales for my QL3 which is apparently next week, and went to the gym. I just heard that all my going swimming has inspired my mom to start swimming again. GO MOM! I gave Oma Funk a phone call this evening because dad said she wasn't feeling all that great. Hopefully I was able to lift her mood a bit.

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