Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 56

June 19th

This wonderful day of leave began with sleeping in and waking up to a home cooked breakfast. I have for this cooking in my room thing down! After doing laundry and working on my kit a bit, Stevenson and I went to Southkeys to hit the Walmart. I bought everything I needed to make fudge :) We also saw a sale at the roots store and I bought two T-shirts. I really like the way they fit and wish that all stores would make their clothes to fit the human body the way roots does. Then we brought our stuff back to Carleton and took the bus to a sketchy neighborhood near china town where Stevenson bought a bike. We were on our way back but got distracted by a street that led to the "lake" part of the canal. We took the paths around the lake and explored a bit. There is a beautiful park and a lot of well taken care of green space around there. We crossed the canal and continued past the University to the beach. The dragon boat races are on this weekend so we checked out the area and watched a few races. After supper back at the University, I made fudge! I made plain with an almond on top, peanut butter (crunchy!) and coconut with amaretto! I put them in Bianca's fridge and hopefully it turned out alright. Then a group of us went out to see Karate Kid. Wow, that was an awesome movie! All together a great day and I'm glad I got to hand out with so many ppl.

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