Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 44

June 7th

Today we went for a "run" again. I really didn't mind this time because I was thinking of the full week we have ahead of us. To prevent myself from being angered by the Oatmeal, I went with the yogurt and cereal choice this morning :P. Really the whole day was quite pleasant. The weather was great during inspection and while we were on the parade square all day. We started wearing our bears during drill today. I really don't mind the way mine feels but apparently it is too small. It should be sitting lower on my head. The best part about today was that we did the full guard mount 3 times with 2 bands only. This way one band got to sit out and watch each time. I thought the wheels looked the coolest! Also, it was nice to hear the ensemble from the front rather than the inside. I'm feeling a bit better about my drill now. We've done it all so many times that I know exactly what is coming and I make less mistakes. Today the only drill mistake I made was anticipating the halt when we were in mark time. oops. I also feel like my dressing is getting better and I can play a bit more. So the plan for tonight was to go over all the marches we have done so far just to make sure I am playing them correctly followed by some boot shining and the usual gym/swim. Ha! that was the plan lol. I started practicing and did some scales etc but I was falling asleep. So I set my alarm for a 30min nap thinking I would feel better after that. Well I slept through my alarm and didn't wake up till 9pm when Amy was calling me to go swimming! So much for practicing and going to the gym. Swimming was really good. I did 50 lengths of the pool alternating between breast stroke and 3-stroke front crawl. I was really pleased that I could to the 3-stroke the whole time. Now I will have to build myself up to doing more than 4 lengths in a row. Maybe I will do 3-5 next time!

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