Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 67

June 30th

We did not have to get up for PT this morning, but for some reason my body still wanted to. I did not sleep much in the last hour of our night, but since I usually do my own PT, I think I prefer to use the morning for sleep. My goal for parade this morning was to keep my glasses on my face, so I tucked the arms into my head sock and since it was a cool morning, I did not sweat much. All of these factors kept my glasses on my face for the whole parade! Hopefully this works on a hot day too. So about the gross picture on today's display...I smashed my face during the first change music drill of the parade :( My euphonium got caught under my left wing and I had to pull it up to get at my music. When I pulled it up, it flicked up and the bell of my euph hit me in the lip. Between that and my teeth, I cut my lip open and was sucking blood all the way to the hill. I was able to "play" for the rest of the parade, but had to play on the right side of my face and take more breaks than usual. When we got back to the bus, I put my lip into my cup of water and that made the swelling go down. This picture was in my room back at Carleton. I played for all the rehearsals in the afternoon and for some practicing in the evening too. It's like when you twist your ankel, you have to keep walking on it or else it will get stiff and tight. In the evening I wound up buying one of the dresses that I was looking at over the weekend. It was one of the favorite picks of many and myself and I think I have some shoes to match! Now I just have to figure out accessories and hair and I will be all set! Well, tomorrow is going to be a long day so I think I should get to bed.

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