Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 39

June 2nd

(This picture is from the civilization museum)
We didn't have to get up for PT this morning...yay!! I actually found that I was just as tired in the morning even with the extra hour of sleep. We had our first room inspection and even though it was really easy I'm still not a fan. I could find everything before and now I am missing things! B band had a really easy morning because we didn't even have to go out on the parade square for the first period. The rest of the day was: morning sectional, afternoon parade square and sectional. There are so many breaks in the day that this takes until 4pm to complete. We also got our bears back from cleaning and grooming today. Mine looks much better than before! When we were in our section meetings we learned how to put our ceremonial belts together. I had to stay longer with a bunch of the skinny ppl who had to put their belts together differently so they would fit. The rest of the evening was pretty slack. I skipped supper because it was at 4:30 and I was nowhere near hungry then. So I had some of my own food! Things are pretty routine right now and I rememeber being told that this is "drill week" or 2 weeks. I wonder when our days will be shorter?

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