Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 63

June 26th

So today was the day of the Teddy Bear Picnic gig, but it didn't actually happen due to the rain. Luckily enough it stopped raining less than half an hour after the gig was cancelled, so the rest of the day didn't get spoiled. I got a ride downtown with Allison because the streets were still too wet to Rollerblade on. I spent almost 3 hours shopping and didn't buy anything...again, but I have a plan! Oh well, then I scooted back to Carleton on my blades and hit the gym with Jeremy. That was a lot of exercise all at once! After we showered and had supper with ppl, we spent the rest of the evening watching Hell's Kitchen in Jeremy's room. We left the door open and slowly ppl started creeping in and then we had the whole gang plus a few more :) i lost track of how many episodes we watched, but it got so intense...almost like watching a sports game lol. After we ran out of episodes from this season, i did a little euph comparison with one of the guys. I forgot his name but he used to do CG and is now in the Reg Force Band. All together a really fun day!

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