Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 40

June 3rd

Today we had our first PT ruck march and I survived! I think it was bacause we did it in PT gear and not in combats. I feel confident enought to start adding more weight to my ruck sack now. We spent the morning getting fitted for our ceremonials again. Mine needed some alterations with the buttons and I asked that the back be opened up so I can breath. It looks pretty cool when it's all put together, and then the gave me a red aporin. The low brass has to wear this so that the instrument doesn't rub on the tunic and make marks. I really don't mind the idea because it will also prevent me from getting caught on all the buttons in front! In the afternoon it was raining, so we spent some time doing march drill without our instruments. I found this very helpful. Also the clarinets learned their rain drill = put a plastic bag over it and keep marching! After our final rehearsal of the day we got our summer schedule! It's looking pretty good. Now we are on leave for a long weekend! I went for a walk with Stacy who just arrived yesterday and then I was off to the gym. The trombones were having a drinking party downtown so I was surprised to see other ppl from the band at the gym. I really enjoy going and I think I will have to get a gym pass when I get back home. I spent the evening talking to Dustin who had a little breather from all his midterm school work. One of my pod mates (4 of us share a bathroom) came in to chat with me last night. She said I was ajusting well to the lifestyle and the freedom. She also gave me some tips on how to stay on everyone's good side lol. That was some nice girl talk and she recognized that I was a Christian. Pretty cool! Her and another girl actually do bible studies about every second day here and she invited me to join. I think I will take her up on that offer and I will be inviting Stevenson and Donegan to join!

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