Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 49

June 12th

Tee Hee! I woke up at 7:15 and took the dog for a real run. Really I should have slept till like 9, but I was wide awake after 5 hours of sleep. I finished cleaning my room and put all my military clothing in the basement. After a nice breakfast with the family which included REAL OATMEAL!!I took a shower and got ready to go surprise the pants off Dustin! Haha I was so excited I'm surprised I was able to drive safely. His sister Chelsea let me in so I wouldn't have to ring the doorbell. I decided right then that I wanted to go up to his room to wake him up. His mom was telling him earlier in the week to take Friday off work to get all his homework done because they had an expensive surprise for him that would take up all his time on the weekend and it was in his best intrest to be available. We were talking on msn earlier in the week and I suggested that he take his moms advice and then he thought I knew what was going on. When I woke him up, his reaction was "I knew you were in on this!" followed by lots of hugs and kisses! We spent the day together starting with brunch with chelsea, took sam for a walk at birds hill, visited at my house for a snack, woke up Sarah (who was also surprised to see me!) then at his house for dinner (where we found out that his parents know my Tante Andrea and Onkel Rudy!) then off to a party with his friends and then my friends (who also didn't know I was home). phew! What a long and wonderful day!

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