Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 61

June 24th

No PT this morning because we had the China gig, or so we thought. Turns out it was raining too much and only a small group of ppl went for an indoor gig. I did not get to go :( Instead we had a small rehearsal in the morning and that was it. The China ppl came back for lunch and our afternoon guard mounts were cancelled due to weather aswell. So, the ppl on the Teddy Bear Picnic gig did a short rehearsal and that was it! We got off at 2pm! I heard a trumpet piece that one of the trumpet players was playing and found it interesting. He had a book called "Carnival" and it has a bunch of fun things in there including flight of the bumblebee! I found a piece that I would like to use as my third audition piece because I recently re-read an e-mail that said I need 3 contrasting pieces within 20mins. The thing with this third piece is that it is out of print :s so I will be borrowing for the audition. I took a nice long walk this evening. I just needed to get away and have some peace. I went around the lake again and brought my iPod this time. It's so nice to have it here! I decided to extend my walk further south to the dam. This time I was not on my rollerblades, so I could walk on the rocks the way we do at the cottage. i got pretty far and started scaring the ducks a bit. When I got a comfy spot, they started coming closer to me. It was neat to see how one got close and then backed up, then two got close and backed up, then they all swam past. I found a nice flat rock that I could lay down on an look into the water. I saw some minnows and craefish. I also saw what the ducks were eating every time they put their head down. I spent over an hour watching the rapids and the sun setting. Then I walked back to campus and B Band was watching A Bee Movie because we are Bee Band. Ppl were starting to drink already, so I just waited for then to head out. I would really rather not spend money on alcohol here. I'd rather make memories that are more interesting and unique.

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