Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 60

June 23

Yay, long run this morning. I've decided to challenge myself by doing all the runs with my mouth closed and breathing only through my nose. This was easier than I thought and only required a bit more concentration on staying calm. First thing up this morning was an indoor inspection. Probably to save time because we went straight out to do a short guard mount after that. Then there was a short rehearsal followed by practice for tomorrow's China parade. Then we had lunch and A+C band went out for another practice mount while B band got library duty or time off. I got time off and did the AB ripper X! And took a nap of course. When I sat down to do some reading, my desk started shaking and I looked at my room mate and she yelled "earthquake!" She told everyone to stand in the doorways because apparently the walls are stronger around the doors. She grew up in BC where they had earthquake drills in elementary school. Anywho, the earthquake happened about 50km north of Gatineau. They felt a 5.7 and we had 5.1 on the rictor scale. That was super fun! We were all shaking for a while but then went back to doing nothing. There was one last rehearsal for those who are on the Teddy Bear Picnic gig (I'm on it!) and the day was over. I got my second pair of combat boots and started polishing them. Then Jeremy (Maitland) and Brian (Humps) said it would be best to break them in first because the polish that I put on now will all flake off when the boots crease. So I will wear them after the parade tomorrow. I wound up going for a powerwalk with Jeremy who is a really nice person and I'm glad I am getting to know him. Then the three of us watched some Big Bang Theory and I went to the pool again. This time I met Wherle and some other girls there. That was nice!

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