Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 51

June 14th

This was my actually day of rest while on leave. I slept in till about 7:30 and got myself mostly packed up and ready to go. Then I took a nap just because I wanted to! I love summer vacation lol. I went out to buy some new earphones and was about to go visit Elmwood to say hi to people but I remembered that they would all be in class at that time, so I didn't go. Instead I went to visit ppl at work and pick up pay stubs. We got some retro pay because our contract was finally settled. It's really funny, but when I get back to the care home I will be making $40 more per shift than I am here at CG! This is why I am feeling the need to be really cheap with my money and not go out drinking or for food or whatever. Anywho, Rach and I picked up some subway and spent the afternoon tanning and chatting in her backyard. Then I came home and packed up some of yesterdays food and it was off to the airport. I got back to the dorms at 10:30 Ottawa time and went to practice for our QL3 playing exam tomorrow. The pieces are super easy so that didn't take long! Then I unpaked, prepped for room inspection and went to bed. I feel so refreshed. This was a great weekend!

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