Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 62

June 25th

Yay I got to sleep in this morning. I also had to get up at 10 to get ready to go for Dim Sum and it's a good thing I went, cuz I probably would have slept forever! Dim Sum was great! 13 ppl went and we sat at a huge table while the ladies kept putting more and more food in front of us. I have never seen that much Dim Sum consumed before. And the variety was great too! I have a new favorite dessert, it's candied peanuts and sesame seeds in a rice like ball that is rolled in sweet coconut. We even ordered things like chicken feet and tripe. I had part of a foot and rememebered that it's pretty much just skin which I don't like. I didn't have any tripe, because by the time we ordered it I was waaaay too full for more. After lunch 2 more guys got bikes and I rollerbladed back with them. Then most of us had a nap (we really ate a lot) and carried about our day. I did a bit of cleaning and reading. I joined my room and pod mates for a light supper. A lot of ppl were planning on going to the Jazz fest, but for some reason it's just not appealing to me. I like to be free in the summer! So I put on my rollerblades and took the canal downtown. I stopped in Rideau Center to do a but of shopping and I think I need some serious help. Shopping just isn't my thing. I don't know what to look for and how to match up outfits, it took me almost an hour to pick 2 dresses and a skirt/shirt combination! Gah! I also realized the the more expensive stores like LeChateau don't really fit my body type. They are meant for bodies that don't have legs. Needless to say, I didn't buy anything again. I think I will go back tomorrow when I have more time to look around. As the mall was closing I went to the bakery that is on the first floor. I was told that when it is closing time, they sell things for really cheap. I was in line to buy a loaf of bread when the guy said it was buy one get one. Good thing I can fit two loaves of bread in my backpack! Then I took off towards the market to look around. I was hoping the tea store would be open, but it was not. I checked out some of the more upper class areas and the restaurants there. After making my way through the market I went all the way to the mint and a little further. The day that Alexi, Stevenson and I went to the art gallery, we also walked a bit further and found a great view over the Ottawa river. I found that view again at about 9:45 and it was beautiful! I stopped there to sit on the railing and eat some of my fresh Italian Loaf :) I felt like I was in Germany again. The bread was so fresh and I was rollerblading on cobblestone lol. Then I decided it was getting late and started heading towards home with a few scenic detours along the way of course. I found some construction in a park that is happening in preparation for Canada Day and some other beautiful views over the Ottawa River. I eventually made it back to Carleton at 10:45and made some tea. Wow, all that time and I only went 11.6km. The BFT is 13km. That's kinda depressing...guess I'll be going for a lot of walks!

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