Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 48

June 11th

This morning we did a "long run" which was another powerwalk in running style. We had the regular rehearsal and parade square hour in the morning and got let off for a 2 hour lunch break! In the afternoon we stood on the parade square and played a bunch of slow and quick marches while the gruards practiced marching to the music. It was really funny to watch because they had no sense of rhythm. Our bannd was a little smaller today because all of the halifax people had the day off. We were let off early in the afternoon and I was super excited because I was going home in a few hours!! Here's the deal though, Dustin and the rest of my friends don't know that I'm coming home :P I'm planning on surprising them all on Saturday. Ryan and I went to dinner and could just not contain our excitement. We took the O-train and a bus to the airport and waited. Ryan's plane left an hour before mine so I wound up doing laps while running through different scenarios of how I could surprise Dustin in my head. I was deciding between calling him from his kitchen or just waking him up myself. Finally it was time to get on the plane. I slept on both flight and was lucky enough to have all the seats in my section to myself! Mom, Dad, Nina, Tanto Lo and Onkel Nick all came to greet me at the airport. I was super happy to see them all and Nina gave me a candy apple from Rocky Mountain candy shop. I don't think I have held that much sugar in my hand for months! Anywho, we got home and I unpacked everything and cleaned up my room which has turned into a storage room...thanks mom, and finally went to bed shortly after 2am.

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