Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 43

June 6
Today I actually got up for breakfast even though I have food in my room. Baaaad choice. I decided to give the “hot cereal” one last chance and took 2 bowls; one to eat with brown sugar and one to eat with cinnamon and raisins. FAIL! Gah, I need to just make my own oatmeal and then go down for fruit and eggs because the stuff they serve isn’t even oatmeal. The cereal pieces look like little round turds floating in too much hot water! This is not Oatmeal! Ok, I’m good for now. I did go to church again this morning and it was great. I wish I had my bible here so I could re-read the scripture for the day. After the service there was some coffee, tea and juice for whatever reason…I must have missed something…whatever, it was a great opportunity for me to talk to some of the members of the congregation. There was a really nice lady who introduced me to a few more ppl and then I got talking with a girl my age that had only been in Ottawa for a year. She gave me a few tips on what to see in the city and such. For example; apparently all museums are free on Thursdays! I will have to look into that because that could be really handy when Dustin comes! Oh, and after that I played the piano and there was a little girl who wanted to play too. She was so cute and polite when I asked if she wanted to play! She played a sonatina that I recognized and then got off the bench. Sooo cute! The she was like “you can keep playing. I liked your song. It was beautiful.” My heart just melted when I heard that! So I said thanks and kept playing Mendelssohn. I made an epic raincoat from a large plastic bag because it was raining on the way home. I got back just I time for lunch. After lunch I practiced and chilled for a bit before going to the gym. Then I practiced more after supper and that was pretty much my day. The only thing I didn’t do was buy REAL Oatmeal!! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

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