Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 52

June 15th

B Band had no PT this morning which was perfect because there was a room inspection to get ready for. We were to be standing ready at our doors at 8am in our ceremonials so the COs could do their inspection. Well, they didn't wind up coming by our hallway until after 9am. We didn't mind that because we could chat and move around while waiting. After the room inspection I was to go downstairs to get fitted for glasses that are plain enough to wear while on parade. They are plain, thin, black frames that remind me of Harry Potter glasses. After that I ran outside with my bear to catch up with everyone else. We marched out to the parade square and stood there for a uniform inspection. This took another 3 hours to complete bringing the total to 4 hours of inspection for some people. The recruits got called to the front to be inspected first so we could go start our QL3 tests. I only had to stand for 3 hours and that was lame. I feel sorry for C band who had to stand the longest. The recruits wound up getting let off early for lunch after bringing 2 chairs and stands up to the lounges so we could do our exams after lunch. I went first and did fairly well. I was very happy with the sight reading and transposing part. My scales also went better than expected! I made 2 small mistakes in my pieces which were only briefly mispitching a note or two. I was told I pretty much passed, so that's good. The only bummer was that there were 2 ppl playing a brass duet in the background and I knew the song they were playing. This was very distracting and I was a little slower while processing which scale to do and how until they finished playing. I was pleased to be able to do the test on my horn rather than the parade horn. After I did the test, I was part of the group that got the rest of the afternoon off! Other than the lame inspection, this has been the day of napping for me :). The evening was pretty boring. I got my boots done right away and did some reading/napping lol. Then Master Corporal Wong came to my door with Sergeant Joly's mase. My room mate has to clean it with brasso because she was one of the ppl playing the duet during the QL exams and when asked to stop, she argued and continued to play. So now either Amy or I have to deliver this wonderful message to Alison. I put a layer of brasso on it right away to try to make it easier because Alison is out teaching tonight and won't be back till late. Well, I'm off to the pool now....I did 52 X 25m = 1300m! Amy has one of those old air popper mashines and we all made popcorn when I got back!

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