Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 119

August 23rd

We slept in again this morning which was really nice. I went to breakfast at the last possible time and when I got back, I started setting up my teaching studio and registered for some courses. We stayed in for the morning and Dustin finished his book while I practiced a bit. I also packed up my stuff to get ready to move back to the shacks :( After lunch we took off for downtown. We walked down Bank street and looked in some of the shops and book stores. I found some music that I will probably wind up buying before going home. We made it to the mall and did some clothes shopping. Dustin helped me and we found a really nice sweater and LeChateau. I also found a nice shirt at a store that we don't have in Winnipeg so I bought it. We eventually made our way in to the market and checked out all the places to eat. There are a lot of choices there but we decided to go with Stella's. It was very nice and we paid about the same as what you would at any pub but the food at Stella's was much better. On the way back we got a Starbucks drink to share and picked up some bagels for dad. He is getting so spoiled with all the bagels that I'm sending home for him! Altogether it was a very nice day out and we were both glad to be doing something other than going to a museum. Yay for the good weather!! When we got back, I moved most of my stuff back to the shacks and did my boots. Pretty soon I won't have to polish boots anymore!!!!!

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