Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 116

August 20th

This morning Dustin woke up at the same time as me to come to breakfast so he would not miss parade lol. When we woke up, there was no power in our building. I walked over to the muster area and it seems like no one had power this morning. When we went for breakfast there was no power in the kitchen either and we had boxed/cold breakfasts. Boo. Oh well, better than nothing. The morning went on as usual and we got power at 7:30. When we got to the drill hall Dustin was there waiting with hid camera. It was too cute. Ryan Wherle and Nelson were also there this morning which was nice because Ryan could answer any of Dustin's questions. The parade started and Dustin was beaming the whole time lol. He walked up with us and took so many pictures and videos that he filled his camera! After parade I found out that I had the next day off! So we booked our bus tickets to Montreal and decided to go see the Biodome, Botanical Gardens and Insectarium. After lunch we took off for the War Museum and spent 5 hours there! Wow, were my feet and brain ever tired! Good thing we decided to take the bus this time. When we got back, we got ourselves organized for Montreal and went to bed early.

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