Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 121

August 25th

Today was the day of the dreaded BFT. But first, everyone who was on the BFT was also on parade in the morning. I drank so much water and juice all day long, I don't think I've ever had that much hydration in one day before. The BFT is a 13km rucksack march in combats while carrying 50lbs on your person. It is supposed to be done with a rifle included in the weight but we did it without the rifle. That just meant more weight on your back, but you could move your arms more easily. I coated my feet with foot powder and even coated the first layer of socks with powder before putting on the thick wool socks. Then I made sure I had about 2.5 liters of water with me and I was set. I discovered that if I rested the waist strap of the rucksack on the lower pouches of my tack vest, then the strap would not rub against my hips and the weight would be more spread out. This worked out well for the most part, but on the way back I was using my free hands to help lift the weight off my shoulders. Our route took us up and down the canal path and on the way up it felt like we were almost running. I was actually close to quitting and then we got to break for about 8 mins at the half way point. The break really helped and since we were really ahead of schedule, we took it slower on the way back. We still wound up doing the 13km in 1hr 53mins. The time limit is 2.5hrs. After you do the ruck march, you have to do a 25 meter drag of a person about your weight. That was really easy lol. Then we had some time to shower, start laundry and relax briefly before getting ready for the final party. I decided to wear my white dress again and it's a good thing I did. The final party was pretty formal. For $40 the food was pretty sad. Basically the thing that made it seem good was that the gravy smelled good. I won't get started on that because I could just tear it apart lol. The slide show was really entertaining and a great idea to do. The awards and speeches were pretty funny! My pants got an honorable mention for "best kit" in the Harry Awards! Only because they were so tight on the thighs and butt ;) After the meal and all the formalities were over, there was a Funk band followed by iPod tunes. Of course they had to play "We've got the Funk" and other Funk tunes, so I was dancing all night! I got back to the shacks after 1:30 sometime and attempted to chat with Dustin, but pretty much failed lol. I drank some more water (probably working on the 4-5th liter of the day) and went to bed.

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