Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 107

August 9th

Oh my goodness, what a long day! We did the usual parade this morning except the marches got changed at the last minute. I really don't like it when that happens and I don't see the point. It didn't go all that bad though. I can tell that I am doing much better now than at the beginning of the summer. After lunch B band provided music for the NAVY Ladder routine and then joined the rest of the bands (all of the bands involved) in the band room. There are so many musicians here!! It was really loud too. I didn't play much because I couldn't hear myself and was just mispitching because of that. I decided to save face instead, but I do know that I will have to look at some of the stuff. Then we all went for supper and I took a short nap before our next timing. At 6pm we were out on the parade square doing some full band rehearsals. B band got to wait for the first bit because we will not be on the hill for the first few tunes anyways (yay, less music to carry!) Then we played 1812 which was much easier to do on the parade square because I could hear myself and see the conductor who was on a huge podium! Actually all the pieces that we did out there seemed to go better. I really didn't enjoy that afternoon in the band room and I had to wear earplugs which made playing difficult. B band got to leave early because we will be static during Fortissimo and the rest of the bands had to rehearse some more drill. When we got back, we got our timings for tomorrow morning and a set list. I put my music in order, took a shower and went to our bible study. That was a lot of fun too. There were 11 people there today, awesome!! I really enjoyed the passage that we studied and I'm going to miss this group when I go back home. I spent the rest of the evening with Dustin and then went to bed.

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