Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 113

August 16th

We actually got up early for breakfast and Dustin says I tricked him into getting up early lol. We biked downtown and made it to the hill by 8am oops. We wandered around the hill while Dustin had a hoot with his camera. When it was 9am the info tent opened and we got tickets for our free tour of Parliament. "awesome sauce" - Dustin. We got to see the house of commons and actually go in this time :) the senate, the Library (but ppl were working so we could not take pics or talk while in the library). This time we got to go up the peace tower!!! For some reason they would not let us up while the changing of the guard ceremony was happening. We saw the page turning ceremony in one of the room. The books that had their pages turned were documents of the names of the fallen in all of Canada's wars. We wandered to the Art gallery and saw the war monument along the way. We took some time to read a lot of the things written around the city for heroic acts of Canadian soldiers. We spent about 3 hours in the Art gallery and realized how tired our feet were. After that we had a snack and headed back to Carleton for a nap. Then we got Dustin hooked up with some groceries and took off for the By Ward Market. There we had Indian food for supper and explored a bit before going to the sound and lights show. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. Dustin took a lot of pics today so I will get them onto my blog when he is back in Winnipeg. On the way back my tire popped :( good thing we were close to home. We fixed it with George's help and then went to play 99 with the guys in the lounge. It was a hoot toot lol! Wow, we added a card that lets you add rules to the game and that made it so much more fun!

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