Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 101

August 3rd

I got up in time for breakfast again and apparently a lot of ppl did. There was a group of guys who got up early to dress up in the CG Monster suit and go watch the parade this morning. I got some practicing done, but the band room was so cold that I had to take a break in between to warm up. Then I took a nap because I only slept 4hours last night...oops! After that wonderful nap I went for lunch and practiced in my room while everyone else was at that masterclass. Then Allison came back from her leave and it started raining. She went out slip and sliding lol. I got curious and started reading the book of Mark. I figure it might be a good idea to do a refresher before going into the next bible study. I'll read as much as I can from the other gospels so I have some notes to compare with. Then I went for supper and found out that a bunch of ppl were going out to see inception. I decided to tag along! So I went for my run and showered and was ready in time to go :) When we got there it was sold out of course, so we waited for the 9:45 show. I bought some peanut butter and jam from the bulk barn and some tea from Starbucks. The PB+J will come in handy when Dustin is here. I'm sure we will be having a few sandwich days while we are out and about. The movie was really good and I liked the idea of dream within a dream etc. The special effects were pretty cool too. Anyways, after cabbing it home I chatted with Dustin a bit and then went to bed.

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