Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 108

August 10th

B band was off parade today and we got to sleep in an extra hour and a bit. We spent the morning going through the RMCP routine 5 times and then waited around outside while the other bands did their thing. Then we went to lunch. Over the break I found out that my e-mail address has been sending porn to my contacts :s I had to delete my account and message all my contacts from the new account that I made. Good thing it was only one of my addresses that went wrong. We spent the afternoon doing a run through of the show but skipped the playing of a few tunes. Then we had supper and did the show again after supper. I find it a lot easier to stand for hours in the evening than in the hot afternoon. Then we came back to the shacks, showered and i relaxed but it seemed like there was a huge party going on on our floor.

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