Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 102

August 4th

I missed breakfast today, not because I slept too late but because I was too lazy to get out of bed and didn't think the food was worth moving for. So I did my blog from yesterday and did some reading until it was closer to 10am. Then I went downstairs and got the march list for tomorrow and the day after. The band room was freezing again so I decided to practice in my room since it was after 10am at that point. I also reviewed my QL4 pieces because my test should be any day now. When ppl got back from parade, I went to lunch early to beat the crowd. On the way there I was told that I'd be pulled off parade tomorrow to do my QL4 test. Hey, I'm not complaining because tomorrow is supposed to be really muggy again. I came back and did some more reading and was falling asleep on my book. So I decided to take a nap which lasted 2 hours. Hey, at least it's not 4 hours anymore! I woke up really sweaty and thought I might have been sick but it's just because it's so muggy here. As I was waking up there was a huge thunder storm happening, so I watched it for a while and in about half an hour it was over and the sun was shining again. Then I went for supper and practiced euph until I had to leave for my first salsa class at beginner 2 level. I wound up borrowing a bike because the ground was soaked and I could not rollerblade on that. This time we have two instructors, but I think one of them is only there for demonstration and when the guys and girls split up. The splitting up for part of the class is a good idea and gives us a chance to fine tune our steps and hand positions. We did a big fine tuning review and also changed the way we do the basic step. The new step for today was for the ladies and I think it was called the progressive left turn? Anyways, they said it was the most difficult move at this level and it's nice that they started with it so we can get a lot of in class practice done! Now that we all have a bit of a foundation from the first beginner level, we are doing more dancing rather than watching demonstrations during the class time. I'm really excited to get better at this! After I biked home I decided to go for my "daily run". I did the usual run around the lake and since I was feeling good I thought I'd push myself to go towards Moody's bay. The plan was to go half way and then turn around but I just kept going and wound up going all the way! I also took the long route back which made my run an hour long. It seems like running for an hour would suck but after you get into the swing of it, you just keep going like the energizer bunny. I got back and downed two cups of water before taking a shower. Then I made some tea and watched the guy's poker game. After the game I did some tidying of my stuff because we have a room inspection tomorrow morning. Bed Time!

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