Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 114

August 18th

Today Dustin stayed behind to relax while I went on parade. It was pretty good with nothing too interesting. Our Director told us that we would be taking it easy and not learning any new marches for the rest of the summer. I like the sound of that! After parade a couple of us went to The Works for lunch. Perfect opportunity because Dustin was interested in going anyways! Then we walked back because you always feel pretty full after going to The Works. Then we skipped across the canal to go to the Agriculture Museum. It was fairly small and more family oriented, but there was a nice display for bees and we got to see cows get milked! All together a very nice afternoon. After I went for supper, we relaxed a bit and then went for an evening walk to the falls near the beach. Unfortunately it was too dark to see the falls so we will have to go back during the day sometime.

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