Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 115

August 19th

Today was the day that Dustin was going to come to parade, but he accidentally missed it because he was looking at the time on his iPod which was still set to Winnipeg time :s So he'll just come tomorrow instead. While on the hill today, the rubber band the holds my lyre on properly snapped and I had to hold it in place for the entire march back! That really sucked and made me slightly clumsy on the change music drill. I decided to polish my boots right away today because I forgot yesterday...oops! After lunch, Dustin destroyed me in an epic tickle fight before we went out Kayaking on the lake. Lucky for us we almost got back to the dock just as it started to pour! We had a drink and some nachos at one of the restaurants while waiting for the rain to end. After the walk back, we looked around for the ppl in the shacks to see if anything was going on tonight. We witnessed an air soft gun attack and eventually found Beare, Hardy and Geary who were all going to Beare's house for some hot tubbing. We joined them and had a relaxing evening.

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