Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 106

August 8th

Parade this morning was also very good. We had 3 euphoniums this time so I didn't have to blast my face off as badly lol. We had an earlier timing for the afternoon and got started right away which was nice too. We worked on the RCMP routine again and also got to watch A band rehearse the NAVY ladder routine with the guards. It was a lot of fun because we were all singing our parts from inside the tent where we were on break. Thankfully we got off a bit sooner today, I think it was around 3pm. I took a shower, had a snack relaxed a bit online and then scooted off to the mud oven after finding an umbrella to borrow. I got all the detailed pictures colored in and started on the blue water. I think I will have to give some parts an extra layers but other than that, all I have to do is the water! That might take a while because now I have to get around all the little pictures that I made lol. I came back, had supper, polished my boots, did laundry and practiced one of my pieces. After that Chelsea came over and we had a nice chat with some tea! Then Dustin came online and everything just worked out really well with timing tonight. We managed to talk about details regarding him coming to Ottawa. I was tired though so we cut it short and decided to try to chat earlier this week since I will be tired from long days of Fortissimo prep :s

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