Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 100!

August 2nd

Today is 100 day! Just like in elementary school when we counted the school days lol. I did not wake up at 4am today. In fact, I got up at 8 and went down for breakfast. This time I was the only one there from B band. I didn't cover the light from my window this time, so I think it may be the fact that my room mate gets up earlier than I do on our work days. I actually didn't notice until today that I have the whole pod to myself! After breakfast I rollerbladed downtown to replace a battery in my metronome. By the time I got back, it was 12:20 and the conducting masterclass started at 1pm. We had to show up at 12:50 if we were going, but I still had to shower and eat lunch. At the same time I could feel major cramps coming along, so I ate in my room and basically camped out there until supper time. Thanks Dustin for keeping me company :) I showered, got some laundry done and had supper with the guys. After supper I went for a run to test one of the info facts on our "poo calender". It said that you don't have to wait half an hour after eating before you go swimming. Half an hour doesn't make a difference because it takes your food 3-4 hours before it passes to the small intestine. So I ran immediately after supper and didn't get a cramp! I did feel a little heavier than usual, but that's for obvious reasons. When I got back, I looked like I just got out of the shower. I had sweat beads dripping off my body everywhere. It's not really normal that I sweat that much unless I'm on parade on a hot day, so I checked the weather and it was 28 degrees. hmmmmm smart. Off to the shower again! After putting away laundry I chilled for a bit before going to our first bible study! That was super fun and I'm really excited for the next one. The group of people is great and I'm really interested in what we are reading. I was very nervous going into this because the last time I was at a bible study, I was about 6 years old and I played with the other kids lol. I have never participated in a bible study before and I think it's a fun idea. At the end we read the scripture for next week's meeting and we are all super pumped. It's going to be a good one. I like trying to imagine what ppl were like back then and how they spoke, were they smart? Could you trust a stranger? Why does it seem like they all had so much free time? So many questions for discussion! I was able to reference the song "A voice Proclaims" to the scripture we read today. I guess I should say that we are looking at the Gospel of John. This really meant nothing to me when I heard it, but now I know that it starts when Jesus is presented by John the baptist and starts gathering his disciples. We talked for just over an hour and I actually felt really comfortable sharing my ideas even though I had never studied the bible like this before. After that I hung out with some ppl in the lounge and watched some of the poker game. There is almost always a poker game happening in the lounge, so that's pretty much a guaranteed source of entertainment. We got onto an intense discussion about the crappy transit system in Winnipeg and the structure of the city in general. Eventually I made it to my room, did some reading and listened to some good ol' Harry Belafonte!
P.S. After spell checking for 100 days, I noticed that my spelling accuracy has improved! Practice makes perfect :)

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