Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 111

August 13th

This morning we did parade and the US marines joined us on the hill for the inspection tunes. This was the third time in 50 years that another band has joined the ceremonial guard on their guard mount. It was a lot of fun telling them what drill to do while on the hill. We has to whisper it to them right before doing it. This was also the first time since the war on terrorism that any US military band has left the country and not gone to Afghanistan. When we got back from parade, we got the afternoon off! I did my boots and watched Hell's Kitchen with Jeremy and then took an epic nap until supper time. My room mate and I chugged a cup of coffee before going on the bus and I was so hyper! When we got to the hill we did the usual standing around, talking to other bands and tourists. Donegan and I found a lovely family who stood and talked to us for over half an hour! Then we were off to the show! My feet were feeling a bit better this time but I got a huge headache right before our music change. Oh well, I fought through and felt glorious relief when I got to lift my bear after the show. When we got back I did my boots and took some time to settle down before going to bed. I don't know how ppl go out after fortissimo if they have parade the next day.

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