Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 104

August 6th

After 5 days of no parade, I was on again today. Today was also Drum Major Peet's last parade before his retirement. They tried to have his last parade yesterday, but they did it again today so CBC could video tape us and do a story. That was crazy having a camera man walk through the band while we were on parade. There was also someone from CG taking pictures and getting right up in his face! The only crappy part was that we were told what the marches were only 2 mins before the morning rehearsal, so they sounded pretty bad on the way to the hill. In the afternoon we did a sit down rehearsal of fortissimo music followed by a few more run throughs of the RCMP routine. Wow, goo thing we did that refresher because I think we put it together with the RCMP tomorrow. After supper I did my boots and then went to the Mud Oven with two girls from the bible study. At the Mud oven you choose a ceramic object and paint it. Then they glaze it and bake it so that the finished product is shiny, water proof, microwave and food safe. I chose a teapot which was one of the more expensive items, but probably the one I would use the most. I was thinking of just giving it some plain colors with an abstract design or just sponging on a second color, but I decided to have some fun and do an ocean scene instead! It won't look as professional but I'd rather it didn't look store bought. When I got back I made a cup of coffee and went to practice. My body is back in the swing of late night coffee followed by practicing for auditions! I also got to play in the large space of the band room and quite enjoyed my sound tonight :) I'm going to have to make this a regular part of my day now which means that my daily runs may not happen anymore :(

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